Zetchô kazoku: Aijin-darake (2015)

Zetchô kazoku: Aijin-darake

Hitomi, who works for a publishing company, was in a hurry to go home after hearing the news of his father, Shinsuke. However, when Shinsuke, who should have died near his house, appears in a car, he is introduced to Yuki who sits in the passenger seat, and is told that he will divorce his mother, Sanae. Meanwhile, Sanae was checking the documents for divorce talks with lawyer Ishii. However, the two have already become a deep relationship beyond the relationship between the client and the lawyer. Although her eyes were heartbroken by the situation of such a family, she also had an affair with the editor-in-chief of the publishing company.

Duration: 70 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015